Varicose Vein treatments by Total Vein Wellness

How Do Leg Ulcers Happen?

If venous reflux disease progresses, it can result in leg ulcers. The skin can breakdown forming an ulcer that is difficult to heal. These ulcers are a result of increased venous pressure and inflammatory reactions that occur in people with chronic venous reflux disease.

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Leg Ulcer Treatment

All patients with ulcers should be evaluated by an ultrasound exam to determine if there are specific veins that can be treated to alleviate the venous reflux disease. Eliminating the abnormal veins will help heal current ulcers and reduce the recurrence of future ulcers.

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What is Venous Reflux?

If you are experiencing leg pain including aches, swelling, heaviness, throbbing and swelling and have either varicose veins or spider veins, you may be suffering from venous reflux disease. A basic understanding of how blood flows through the body will help you comprehend why and how our vein doctor at Total Vein Wellness treats this disorder.

Venus Reflux Symptoms:

  • Skin Changes or Discoloration
  • Heaviness of the Leg
  • Tired or Fatigued Legs
  • Throbbing Legs
  • Restless Legs
  • Leg Pain
  • Varicose Veins
  • Spider Veins
  • Leg Swelling
  • Open Ulcers

Venus Reflux Treatment

Our primary goal is to properly treat this vein disease. With today’s modern medical advances, patients can have easier recovery and reduced risk of complications.

Our vascular care offices can provide both conservative treatments and surgical treatments to benefit your individual needs, conditions and lifestyles. Some non-surgical treatments are include elevating your legs while resting and wearing compression stockings. When more aggressive treatment is needed, we offer sclerotherapy, phlebectomy and VNUS closure.

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